The Climber's Guide to Choosing the Best Shoes

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climbing chairs are arguably the most

important piece of equipment you can buy

for your climbing and it's going to have

a massive impact on how well you perform

technique and skills in climbing today

we're breaking down the best climbing

shoes and how you can choose the right

one to fit your climbing so climbing

shoes is a big topic and actually we

have done a video on climbing shoes

before and I'll put a link to that in

the description below which has got Tom

talking about the four big

characteristics of choosing a climbing

shoe and these four were the fit of the

climbing shoe so how well it fits your

foot the opening system so if it's

velcro lace up if it's a slip-on the

shape of the climbing shoe so how

aggressive it might be in the downturn

and also the compound of the rubber so

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