Is It Time For a Toddler Bed?

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talk a little bit about transitioning

your child to a toddler bed now toddler

beds are great you know it's really cool

but once you put them in toddler bed

you're starting all over with your sleep

training only time I'll tell you that I

really want your child at the end

toddler bed is when they are climbing

out of the crib because that's just

Nature's okay if you're if you're 15

month old eighteen month old to two and

a half year old is climbing out of the

crib and they're gonna fall and bust

their head open then they need to be out

of that crib they need to be in a

toddler bed and so what do you do well

it depends on what type of child you

have now I've had two I have one child

that well as squirrely as all you can

believe it's into everything and climbed

on top of dressers in everywhere so for

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