Pediatrician Shares: How to know when baby is ready for solid foods

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hey hey this week we are going to cover a much  requested episode all about starting solid foods  

for baby and some intro to baby lead weaning yeah  so as a pediatrician and ob gyn new parents we've  

had so many questions about this process too  and so we're going to take the next couple of  

episodes to dive into what research has  been done about initiating solids for baby  

baby lead weaning and then some of our  own real life experience in hopes that  

some of our tips can help you as  you're feeding your new little one  

in case this is your first time meeting us i am  sarah i am a board-certified ob-gyn and first-time  

mom i'm kurt i'm a board-certified pediatrician  and first-time dad and we are the doctors bjorkman

welcome back in case you missed it we have been  detailing our journey from trying to conceive  

week by week through pregnancy and now as new  parents um who are not trying to have baby number  

two yeah and if you haven't yet please make sure  you subscribe as we continue to share with you  

our journey through all of this and what  medical evidence we're using to guide ourselves  

on the way yes so as we mentioned this week is  all about introducing solid foods to baby and  

knowing is your baby ready to start solid food yep  and so with that we're gonna be going through four  

key signs your baby might be ready to start solid  foods and then share our own experience with the  

process then in the next video we're going to  share some evidence about baby lead weaning and  

what we did that worked well for our little baby  girl the american academy of pediatrics and the  

world health organization both state that there  is no need to add solid foods in the first six  

months of baby's life and then ideally breast  milk or formula if needed be the sole source  

of nutrition for baby up to that six months of  age and until nine months of age babies should  

still be getting their complete daily nutrition  from breast milk with any additional solid foods  

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