Travel in Colombia: what you REALLY need to know | Colombia Travel Tips

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right Columbia travel tips I've done two

trips in Colombia this one I'm on my

final day it's been a month and a couple

of years ago I traveled for almost two

months in Colombia So based on this let

me give you a little bit of a device

my first tip is not to underestimate the

size of Colombia if you compare to other

destinations for example Costa Rica it's

like 10 times bigger than Costa Rica

so when you're looking at a map and

you're creating a travel route keep that

in mind because you may think I'll just

go from Santa Marta in the north to

Bogota in the center another SketchUp

bus and it'll be easy that's a 22 hour

bus so this is a big country there are

two ways to deal with this one is to

think of your travel route in terms of

clusters so if you have two weeks to

spend maybe you just want to stick to

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