5 tips for when you want to come off your medication | #AskMind - Episode 1

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hi and welcome to the first ever episode

of ask mind if you are lovely YouTube

viewers can ask us at mind anything you

like about mental health whether it's

about a new medication you've just

started taking or if you're not sure

about what rights you have in hospital

or even if you just want to know some

tips for your everyday life we're here

to help you so on to our first ever

question and this one is from Lilly she

says I am thinking about coming off the

medication I've been taking for

depression but I heard there might be

withdrawal symptoms is there anything I

can do to help me cope with the effects

of withdrawal well Lilly you are not

alone we get asked this one a lot on our

infoline there are lots of different

reasons why you might want to come off

your medication but with the drawer can

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