3 Signs God Is Saying, "Stop Praying About That"

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throughout scripture we're commanded to

always be praying however this does not

mean God wants us to always keep asking

him for one specific thing until he

gives it to us number one if God has

already given you a very clear no you

should stop asking about the thing he

said no about there's a belief among

some Christians that God will move once

we finally offer up enough prayers as

though there's a Heavenly scale that

will one day finally flip over to yes

once we weigh it down enough with our

prayers this is not biblical certainly

God may lead some people to pray for

years or even decades for one particular

blessing I'm certainly not saying this

is always wrong to do that may be

exactly what God is telling you to do

but if he does one day answer that

prayer you've been asking for it won't

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