Stop Negotiating Like A Newbie And Get A Better Job Offer Today

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the reason why you are receiving

terrible job offers and aren't making

enough money to buy a lambo is because

you suck at negotiating while i'd

recommend against buying a brand new

lamborghini in this economy that doesn't

mean you should leave money on the table

when you're negotiating your next job

offer mcconey the recruiter added me on

linkedin and we're bffs and they would

never betray you you need to check

yourself before you wreck yourself kiddo

the recruiter only wants to help you

enough to get you to sign on the dotted

line so they can move along their next

job wreck i mean victim i mean candidate

what's up everyone my name is cody engel

and i've been a software engineer and

engineering manager for around a decade

i've also been making videos about the

tech industry and software engineering