I Stopped Taking HRT (Hormone Replacement)... Here's What Happened!

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hey everybody its Angie and welcome to

hot and flashy so today's video is

another menopause update I've done about

five or six menopause videos in the past

my favorite one was the one called

menopause sucks because that is really

how I feel about it so I've been going

through my menopause journey for

probably over ten years now my symptoms

started when I was 45 but you know very

very minor only night sweats maybe once

a year or no big deal and fast-forward

to now where I am 56 almost 57

I am postmenopausal so I've been through

the whole menopause thing I have tried

HRT and I was on that for a couple of

years and I recently decided to do an

experiment where I would wean off of HRT

because I wasn't sure that it was doing

that much for me I had been on HRT for a

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