What are the first things that will happen once my baby is born? | NHS

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immediately after your baby is born

you'll notice your baby may be very wet

and covered in some really thick creamy

substance known as vernix newborn babies

aren't washed immediately because we

want them to keep their temperatures up

and stay nice and warm with their mum

your Midwife will deliver the baby on to

your chest this is known as skin to skin

or skin on skin it's the best place for

your baby to be because it helps your

baby adapt to life outside the womb and

this also helps the baby get ready for

its first feed if you have a cesarean

section you will still be encouraged to

have your baby's skin on skin the

Midwife will offer you an injection to

help deliver the afterbirth or the

placenta as it's commonly known the

umbilical cord will be clamped and cut

you might want to consider who's going

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