What To Expect During Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

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so you're gonna hear that the table

making some noise any kind of like

noises you hear when people you know uh

popping the cracking that's only just

the the spine moving and gas being

released like if you crack your own

knuckle something like that like people

that crack their knuckles breaking know

would come back if they you know we hurt

them so I actually have had x-rays on

Chelsea so we gotta know what's going on

with her spine beforehand so really

really easy really Jung hasn't then take

very long so you see as that spine model

so they're laying down this table just

lifts up underneath her hips just like

that and we just adjust your pelvis just

end up a little bit just really see you

real gently so we start to correct that

alignment of the pelvis to make sure

it's all level and balance so that the

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