When to BUY & SELL for MAXIMUM PROFITS in Trading

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the reason why a lot of you guys lose

money in the market is because you guys

do not know when to correctly get into

the market like let's put aside

psychology and risk management so if you

know when to correctly get into the

market you are just gonna make money as

simple as that some people get into

early some people get into late and both

of these scenarios will cause you guys

to lose a lot of money but before I

start I just want to say that I hear you

guys and I'm gonna be posting a lot more

price action videos over the next few

weeks because we all know that price

action is King and my goal on this

channel is to help you guys become

consistently profitable so of course I'm

gonna give you guys the best strategy

ever so I have a lot of examples on the

screen right now to show you what you do

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