Expert Advice: Buying a new computer in 2023 | How to buy a computer | PC Shopping Guide

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Hi, my name is Jason. I've been an I.T.  professional since 1992 and a lot of times my  

customers ask me what they should buy when looking  for a new computer, so I thought I'd make this  

video to make it easy and clear to understand.  So what I've learned is that most of the office  

stores, including Best Buy tend to have a machine  that's on sale at a great price. You might get  

$200 off for no reason other than it's the sale  of the week! So why not search around and find the  

best deal we can get. The three really important  things when picking out a computer are first,  

the processor or cpu, that's basically the brain  of the computer and does all the calculations.  

So the faster that is, the faster the overall  computer will be. Second will be how much memory  

the computer has, and in most cases you want 8 or  16 gigabytes to have a machine that's up to spec.  

And then third would be the hard drive type and  size. These days there is a new drive called a  

solid state drive and it has no moving parts and  is hugely faster than those old mechanical drives  

that we had years ago. With solid state discs  you no longer have to wait many minutes for your  

computer to boot up before you can use it, so if  you buy a new computer, you MUST get one of those.  

Not that you have to, but you'll regret it if  you don't. So in shopping for a new computer,  

I have up here different websites such as Office  Depot, Best Buy, Staples. So let's take Office  

Depot for example. On their website we would go  to products, computers, and let's say we're in  

the market for a desktop computer. I'll go ahead  and click on desktop computers and let's say I've  

already got a monitor and everything I need except  for the tower. So let's search for a new tower  

and a lot come up, 722 results, which is way too  many so we want to narrow it down mainly by "In  

stock for delivery" or "In store for pickup". So I  see right here in store for pickup means you could  

literally go to the store and see what it is.  And those tend to be the more popular, current,  

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