Things To Know Before Buying A Projector

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are you looking to buy a projector for

your home or business I'll let you in on

a secret there is no one best projector

only the projectors that are most

suitable for a particular roll

projectors are built for a wide variety

of purposes from tiny portable low

brightness Pico and palmtop models to

big bright models for business at Home

Entertainment let's take a look at some

of the features that make a projector

appealing to different audiences you

might think the brighter of projectors

output the better but that isn't always

the case if you're looking at an LED

based micro projector like the AAA XA P

2 B these models are limited in

brightness usually 1000 lumens or less

but they also tend to be small and

highly portable and many can operate for

a couple of hours at least from built-in

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