Diamond Shopping 101- Diamond Buying Guide on how to buy diamonds online.

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welcome to the channel my name is Osiris

I'm a GI a trained diamond expert and

I'm here to help you find the biggest

diamond for the smallest price these are

tips and tricks to find the perfect

engagement ring in today's marketplace

so it's no secret that I love online

diamond shopping there are some real

serious players I've been doing this for

over a decade I honestly find it the

best experience and honestly is the best

value and price you're paying 20 to 40%

lower than if you go to a department

store so right off the bat

I'm a huge fan of online purchasing I

come from the diamond industry the price

is locally today very hard to compete

with with online pricing so starting off

right there if you want to save money

online is the way to go and I'm gonna

teach you how to shop online today and

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