Do weighted blankets really reduce stress, help sleep?

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weighted blankets have become really

popular in many homes they claim to

provide a better night's sleep and

reduce stress Giavanna Depok has more

Danielle Kerr is a busy full-time

college student I'm constantly stressed

out so while she does her homework she

snuggles up in this weighted blanket it

feels like you're just continuously

being hugged I do think that you know it

does help reduce stress and anxiety big

time more and more people are embracing

the embrace of weighted blankets the

blankets which can weigh up to 30 pounds

contain weighted beads or pellets that

claim to create a calming comforting

effect that can lower stress and anxiety

and improve sleep specifically insomnia

we don't know for sure from a robust

scientific standpoint but anecdotally

and from smaller studies they do seem to

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