How to know when it's time for new tires

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now with that new warning about your

tires after scenes like this one cars

crashing in these winter storms that are

now moving east ABC's Gio Benitez is

here and Gio driving on worn tires and

wet conditions that is very dangerous

incredibly dangerous Cecelia good

morning yeah listen we know cars are

loaded with safety features they warned

us about important things like low tire

pressure but one thing they may not tell

you is when you have low tread tires

that's when they have smoothed out and

lost their grip so Consumer Reports is

out with an urgent warning about worn

tires and we are with them for a test

run they're like seeing straight out of

action movies a hydroplaning accident

caught on camera and there's this near

crash on wet roads experts say many

times low tread tires are to blame we

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