What investments should you buy in your 401k?! #investing #401k #finance #newjob

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if you just started a job and you don't

know what investments to buy in your

401k let me put you onto a tip that's

going to make your life so much easier

odds are good when you log into your

401k portal you're going to see

something like this and you're

immediately going to feel nauseous

instead of getting overwhelmed with the

number of options you may want to look

at something called a target date

retirement fund these funds work by

choosing investments that are

appropriate for your age because

generally speaking when you're younger

you can afford to take more investment

risks and as you get older you're going

to be focused on preserving your wealth

okay but vivian there's 20 options what

you're going to want to do is figure out

what age at which you want to retire i'm

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