Softball Tip: How to Pick a Softball Glove that Fits

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hi I'm Kerry Deaver boas with just fall

gloves calm I've coached in the college

level the high school level travel ball

and I even made it to the pros it was a

great career but I want to talk to you

about something that's a pet peeve of

mine when we start talking about defense

and fielding first of all the most

significant issue that we have is young

women choosing ball gloves that are way

too big they're like 14 inch gloves

maybe their dads old outfield slowpitch

glove it's really important to get a

glove that fits your hands so smaller is

better specifically in the info because

we want a lot of control we're looking

at being as efficient to the ball as we

can and then redirecting it one of the

things that might be a little bit

different that is something that someone

taught me many years ago that it's

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