How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard | Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2020

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hey what's up y'all now in this video

let me start by saying I am NOT gonna

tell you which brand to buy I of course

have my favorites but all in all if

there's a company making quality

machines for us di wires then I like

them all now some guys they collect cars

motorcycles ATVs jet skis boats me I

collect lawn mowers and in today's video

I'm gonna take you through some of the

features that I recommend if you're

looking to purchase a lawn mower things

to consider based on what I've seen in

my own lawns both cool season and warm

season as well as what I've seen in our

community of thousands of lawn care nuts

now I've gone ahead and placed

convenient time stamps in the

description below for those of you that

like to skip ahead but of course I hope

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