Professional Guide to Hair Masks

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hey guys today we're going over hair

masks so i can show you exactly how to

have healthy shiny hair that you love so

if you have dry hair damaged hair hair

that breaks easily this video is for you

that's because an amazing hair mask will

hydrate your hair so it's healthy and

strong when it's healthy and strong it

will not break on you one of my seasonal

clients recently came back down to

florida to escape the cold she told me

that right before she left she tried a

new stylist who over processed her hair

and caused a lot of damage now down here

she comes in once a week to get a blow

dry so to reverse that damage we started

using a hair mask on her every single

week after about a month the dry lick

went away the breakage stopped and she

was amazed at how healthy her hair

looked again so i'm gonna show you the

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