5 Things to Check BEFORE Buying a Guitar!

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hey guys welcome back to the channel

hope you're having a great day today

it's Darrell here and today we're

talking about five things you need to

check out before you buy an electric

guitar and they might not be what you

think now the odds are pretty good if

you're a first time guitar buyer and you

walk into a music store the salesperson

is gonna hand you something like this

strat style guitar and say this is what

you need and you end up going home with

a strat now there's certainly nothing

wrong with that but we want to dig a

little bit deeper today so that you guys

are equipped with some knowledge to help

you pick the right guitar for you now

over the years I've been lucky enough to

try and own many different instruments

so here is kind of like a boiled down or

condensed list of some of the most

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