Make Sure Your Monitor is Running at 144 Hz! (Tutorial)

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alright guys welcome back to a brand new

video now today I'm gonna explain you

guys how to make sure that your 144

Hertz monitor it is actually running at

144 Hertz now recently I bought a 27

inch Acer 144 Hertz monitor and whenever

I got it I realized it wasn't running as

smoothly as I thought it would and then

I thought to myself how do I make sure

that it is running at 144 it's and so

this is why I'm making this video if

anybody else has any doubts like I did

so what you're gonna do you're gonna

want to come over here tear desktop

you're gonna want to right-click

anywhere on your desktop and then click

display settings whenever you're in

it'll automatically take you to this

screen right here you're gonna go down

here which says display adapter

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