Insurance 101 - Homeowners Insurance Coverage | The Ultimate Guide to Home Insurance

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when I first bought my house I wish that

someone would have taught me the

different types of insurance that they

offer in what I was looking for because

when I purchased the home insurance I

just followed the natural flow someone

referred another person I bought

insurance from them and then I just kind

of crossed my fingers and hoped it

worked out today's video we're gonna go

through the top five things you need to

know about house insurance hey guys this

is Mark Flockhart if you're new here

this channel is all about home auto all

types of insurance and how you guys can

learn the tips and tricks of how to get

you the best rates on your insurance so

if that's interesting to you it might be

a good idea to subscribe I will also put

in the notes below a lot of the stuff

we're talking about today so that way

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