How to tell if sunglasses are polarized in 3 SECONDS!

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hey guys is iheart shades and today

we're gonna show you how to tell if a

lens is polarized or not um let's say

you find a lens and it's not clearly um

labeled as polarized or not you're not

sure you need a couple things you're

going to need an LCD screen your phone

your TV computer screen anything that

has actual pixels in it and you're going

to need of course your polarized lens um

let me show you with these today we're

gonna be using the the twenty one thirty

two new Wayfarers a sixty fifty twos

which is here on the left and the sixty

fifty two five eight which is the

polarized is here on the right um yeah

let's get to it here I'm going to use my

phone as the LCD now we're going to

start with the polarized so I'll show

you what it does and what it doesn't do

okay you know I got a text message see

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