Jojoba oil for skin and hair| Dr Dray

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well hey guys I hope your week is going

well so I wanted to film another video

talking about another type of oil

because you guys really seem to enjoy

these videos and different oils and

every time I do an oil video I had

questions about other oils so today I'm

going to talk all about jojoba oil

because this is one that is popular in a

lot of products and skincare and it make

questions about jojoba oil is a clear

golden liquid that is extracted from the

seeds of the hope plant which goes by

the name

Simone Xia Qin Yun sis ever see that on

ingredient labels no you're dealing with

jojoba oil this is a plant that grows in

the desert of the south throughout the

Southwest United States as well as

Mexico it's a very hearty plant and the

oil extracted from the seeds is

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