What to do when you win the lottery! #lottery #megamillions #lotto #billionaire #rich #winner

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the Mega Millions jackpots at 1.35

billion dollars and you just bought the

winning ticket now what are you gonna

get got like all these other people no

you follow me Vivian you're a rich BFF

and your favorite Wall Street girl who's

gonna tell you what to do one tell no

one people change up when this amount of

money is involved two take digital

photos of your lottery ticket and scan

copies front and back three don't sign

your lottery ticket yet you want to stay

Anonymous four put your ticket somewhere

safe ideally us safe five reach out to

an attorney specializing in lottery

winnings in your area and work with them

to see how long you have to claim and

then ideally claim your winnings

anonymously this will help prevent

people from coming after you and if your

state doesn't let you claim anonymously

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