7 Signs That Non Monogamy or an Open Relationship Might be Right for You

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roses are red and violets are blue here

are some ways to know if non-monogamy is

for you

my name is madison and i'm also known as

sugar and i'm one of the hosts of the

top-rated sexuality podcast [ __ ] talk

before i started my sexual liberation

journey i was in a heterosexual

monogamous marriage and after having all

the conversations with my partner we

actually turned our whole relationship

style inside out and i'm happy and

grateful to report that we have been in

an ethical non-monogamous marriage ever


so it is possible that you may be in a

similar situation i was in or maybe

you're single and you're considering

non-monogamy with your next partner or

partners and i just want you to know

that i have your back and what i'm going

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