What to Check when Buying a Used /Secondhand Car Seat

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today we're going to talk about buying

car seats on the used market now buying

a car seat on the used market is a

little bit more complicated than buying

a stroller on the used market the reason

for that being that there are more

things that one ought to be aware of

when they're buying a used car seat

simply because it is meant as a safety

buffer while you're inside an auto

vehicle which is a dangerous place just

by nature so you do want to check a

number of things first off it's best to

buy it off somebody you trust if

possible of course you should to some

extent try to find out the history of

the seats just to make sure that it

hasn't been in any auto accidents

manufacturers say that a car seat should

no longer be used it should be thrown

away if it's been in any auto accidents

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