6 Things You Need To Know Before Opening A Tattoo Studio

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what is up YouTube it's Brandon from

tattooing101 and today I'm going to

break down the steps to open up a tattoo

studio I've owned two tattoo studios in

my career so far and also worked it a

ton before that so I have a lot of

knowledge on how to set up and do those

things and I know a lot of you along

with your journey that's everyone's end

goal so these are my steps to open up a

tattoo studio and if you're not there

yet how to start getting ready for that

process so starting out let's say you're

not 100 tattooing yet you're still

working at a regular job and getting

into tattooing first thing you could do

is definitely get into a tattoo studio

learn how things run I wouldn't

recommend just jumping straight into

tattooing opening up your shop because

there's a lot of things that you need to

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