Test Pool Table Cushion, bumpers, or Rails, Good or Bad_

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can you tell are your rails cushions

bumpers bad do they need to be replaced

well look at this kind of a look and

listen see how slow the ball comes back

and the noise it makes when it hits it's

like hitting concrete

let's check out this rail over here like

hitting concrete

now here's what a new one looks and

sounds like just about no noise at all

you can see it flex right back there's

one way to check your rails you could

definitely see and hear the difference

another way is to feel now the one here

on the left is brand new one on the

right is the ones I just removed now you

can see I'm putting a lot of pressure

down and it's like pushing out a rock

wear this you can see the flexibility

how much it moves when you take the new

one you can bend it and twist it any

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