5 Telltale Signs of a Bad Used Motorcycle

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buying a used bike now here are five

easy signs that it's a piece of

capable motorcycles are owned by capable

people if the ad uses terms like Fat

Tire your next bike and my personal

favorite horsepower there's a good

chance the motorcycle is as defective as

its owner I always perform the same test

of character hmm now there's some bends

and scratches on the pointy bits did you

drop it by a chance no that must've been

the previous owner almost every

motorcycle is dropped by every

motorcyclist ever so if the owner isn't

honest about that they're not gonna be

honest about anything let's try this

again oh cool aftermarket foot pegs

levers and bar ends is there a chance

you've dropped it on the factory ones

yeah you're one clever son of a

when a motorcycle has lived in abused