Car Leasing Tips (Things You Need To Know Before Leasing A Car in 2023)

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hello and welcome to the channel today

I'm going to be going over some very

important things you need to know if

you're going to plan on leasing a car

and this video is not the one you want

to go to for should I be leasing versus

should I be buying what's the best

option I made a completely separate

video just for that topic so I'll link

it at the top so you can go watch that

video first and if you need to come back

and watch this video because this video

is going to be more focused on you need

to know this versus need to know that or

make sure you don't do that and make

sure you do do this because I want you

guys to be fully equipped with knowledge

so that when it does come time for your

release nobody takes advantage of you so

let's Jump Right In the first thing you

need to do is to make sure you're

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