Make Sure to Tell Your Lawyer This.

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Are you dealing with a narcissist in some kind of litigation where you have a lawyer

involved? Well, stay tuned to find out what you should never say to your lawyer.

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So let's talk about you, and your lawyer, and your relationship with that lawyer. I'm

quite familiar, I've represented lots and lots of people over my many years, and I can

tell you that most of the time, you do want to tell your lawyer absolutely everything.

And for those of you who've read my book, Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide,

I have a whole chapter in there about how to pick a lawyer, how to find your lawyer.

And then I even, in my slave program, walk you step-by-step through how to find a lawyer

and also questions for vetting a lawyer when you're dealing with a narcissist. 99.9% of

lawyers do not understand narcissism, and so it is hard to find a lawyer that understands

what you're dealing with. But most of the time you do want to tell your

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