How to score a 95% on the TEAS Exam

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this video i'm going to explain to you how i  got a 95 on the teas test and how you can too  

in 2021 so if you're trying to be a nurse and  get into nursing school this is the video for  

you to ac or t's exam because i'm going to tell  you exactly how hi my name's jessica and i'm a  

second year doctoral student studying nursing  practice and on this channel we talk about all  

things productivity student hacks and meaningful  conversations for healthcare workers this sounds  

like something you're interested in make sure to  hit that subscribe button down below so what is  

the tease exam the tease exam is an entry exam in  two nursing programs and typically each school has  

a minimum grade required for all sections in order  to even apply this means if you don't reach those  

scores they won't even look at your application  and that's why it's so important that we take  

this exam and we do well so you can become a  nurse and i understand the tease exam can be  

very nerve-wracking because you know that you need  these minimum scores but that's why i've created  

this video to help you guys out so here's what  you're going to need to do well on the atit's exam  

so the first thing that you're going to need is a  study guide these study guides are going to cover  

all of the concepts that you need to know for each  section i've created my own study guide that you  

guys can use but if you'd like to find additional  resource that's fine as well you need a good study  

guide that is going to go over in detail all of  the information that you need to know for each  

section of the teas this includes english science  math and reading section so the best way to retain  

information after you've reviewed the study  guide is to use two techniques these are called  

active recall and space repetition and these are  scientifically proven ways that will help you to  

retain information i've created practice problems  and flash cards of terms that you need to know for  

the teas exams using these you'll be able to  retain all of the information that you need to