*EVERYTHING* you need to know about getting EYELASH EXTENSIONS in 2021

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if you're a complete newbie to eyelash

extensions then this video is for you

plus i'm gonna tell you what aftercare

instructions are all wrong in 2021 plus

what volume lashes you should get so

that you don't have to lay there for

three to four hours just to get volume

lashes so if you watch to the very end

you'll have the complete picture of what

eyelash extensions are all about plus

you'll be super informed and excited to

finally get them

hey friends i'm elisa fallona a nurse

turned lash artist and educator and i've

been lashing for about four years now

and training for two and the reason why

i wanted to make this video was because

i truly feel that eyelash extensions are

super transformative it's nothing like

those invasive procedures where you have

to get like surgery botox fillers things

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