Buying a Solid State Drive (SSD): Everything You Need to Know

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hi this is john barrack executive editor

repeating ENCOM today we're going to

talk about what you need to know when

you're ready to buy an SSD the form

factor the interface and the bus type

these are three things about an SSD that

are quite frequently confused and

sometimes also overlap so let's take a

look at the SSDs we have on the table in

front of us here to get an idea of what

each of these things meet the form

factor of the SSD or the shape is the

thing that's most important to know

before you start to purchase what we

have here is an example of all the

different form factors that you'll find

in the market today

this Intel obtained drive for example

comes in the PCI Express form factor and

this is meant for use in a desktop

you'll plug it into a slot on your

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