Pregnancy Tips : How to Know Who is the Father of Your Baby

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Mother's baby, father's maybe, learned that in medical school. I'm Dr. Jill Hechtman here

to tell you how to know who the baby's father is. Paternity is it important? well yes. Obviously

for social reasons it's important to know who the baby's dad is. But occasionally there's

been times when there's two partners within a ten day period of time and you're not really

sure when conception occurred. That's when paternity testing becomes important. Let's

start in the beginning. You can test in pregnancy or you can test outside of pregnancy, so before

the baby's born or after. Before you can test as early as ten weeks with whats called ChorionicVillus

sampling. And that's where we take a small catheter into the uterus and remove some placental

cells. We can also do this with an amnio where they put the needle inside the belly and draw

am amniotic fluid. This enables us to send fetal cells for testing to see who the dad

is. After the baby's born if you don't want to incur the risks during pregnancy you can

have test done on the baby itself. Like direct blood draw, buckle smear which is the cheek,

you can also get hair, cut nails all those can give you samples of the baby's DNA and

help determine who the father is. Remember you had two partners around the time of ovulation

within ten days it's important. Sperm can live for about three to five days and no woman

ever ovulates the same time every month. So that's why coming to find out who the father

really is can be difficult but important. I'm Dr. Jill answering for you how to know

who the father of the baby is. Good Luck.

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