Power Bank Companies Are Lying To You.....

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so i made a video reviewing the apple

magsafe battery pack which was fake so

the fake battery pack has 5 000 milliamp

hours and the real one only has 1460.

and after opening it up i found out that

that was just not true so the battery

shows that we have 12.77 watt hours with

3.7 volts if we do the math on that we

come to about 3 450 milliamp hours so

that got me thinking

who else is lying about their battery

pack capacity i decided to launch a

full-blown investigation

and naturally i went on amazon and

bought literally every battery pack i

could find some of them were advertised

with ridiculous capacity amounts like

thirty thousand eight hundred i just

don't think that could be true nobody's

really second guessing the amounts they

advertise because nobody's really

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