25+ Tips & Tricks for the iPhone X (That You Need to Know)

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hey there sake here from sake take it in

today's video I would like to share over

25 tips tricks and features off the

iPhone 10 so that you can learn more

about your shiny new iPhone 10 and

enhance your ownership so let's dive in

and discover tons of good stuff now

before we dive in if you do use Twitter

or Instagram make sure to follow me on

both at Saki Tech online all right let's

go all right so let's quickly start with

some of the basics just in case you're

wondering so as you know the home button

is now gone so there's other ways to

navigate your phone for example let's

say that you are within an application

and you want to go to the home screen

all you do is swipe from bottom to top

and it'll take you to the home screen

all you have to do is pay attention to

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