How to kill weeds easily with a weed burner without chemicals

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Welcome back to Garden Ninja! Today I've been asked to do a video guide on how to

get rid of stubborn weedss and you'll be pleased to know that this doesn't

involve breaking your back using a trowel using weed killer or anything other

methods that you see online but my methods are going to be quite different

all you're gonna need two key pieces of equipment to get rid of weeds at lightening speed!

But before we do anything you have to put Barry away, it's really not the place

for little puppies is it, no! it's not! So I'm going to put him away and show you exactly

how to get with your weeds. So I'm going to be showing you two methods today in

this quick guide, the first one involves the use of a trusted bin liner cheap and

cheerful with some tent pegs and the second and more fun method uses this a

weed burner! So the first method I'm going to show you is the bin liner and

tent peg left couldn't be simpler and this is a really good method if you're

trying to kill off a load of weeds especially in preparation for a new

flower bed or a new working garden when you want to grow from some veg so if

you've got area like this it's covered in all sorts of weeds rather than

reaching for the roundup the chemicals the vinegar having to manually plop that

on and then wait for to die back all you do is take your bin liner and your tent

pegs and you're gonna pin it over the top of the weeds what that will do is

reduce the light from helping the weeds to photosynthesize it will also reduce

moisture in nutrients and they will slowly but surely die back. It's a really good

environmentally sound method of killing weeds on mass, however, it does take quite a

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