How to Tap a Keg for Your Kegerator in Your Bar or Home

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How to tap a keg for a kegerator

Before tapping your keg,

you want to give it some time to settle in the kegerator

and reach the proper serving temperature.

The amount of time it cools

depends on how cold the keg is when you get it.

Make sure that you have the right type of keg coupler

for the beer you're serving.

Most domestic beers use a D system keg coupler.

Open your CO2 tank and set the pressure.

Make sure the valves on the regulator are open also,

and adjust the regulator to your serving pressure.

We generally start with around 10 psi

and adjust necessary to balance the keg.

You want to make sure that the regulator is pressurized

before tapping the keg

to prevent your beer flowing back into the air lines.

Take the dust cover off of your keg

and connect the keg coupler.

Twist the coupler clockwise into the keg until it's snug.

Lever handle couplers require you to pull the handle out

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