Singing Hack: Karaoke Setup for Singers!

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great quality mics and like I said now

he keeps them both as wireless


hey buddies welcome back to the amazing

Channel I'm Zen Rima and today I'm gonna

show you the best karaoke setup you can

have in your own home I wanted to do

this video because I did a video on how

to set up your own recording studio at

home and you guys enjoyed that so this

is a way you can practice singing great

quality and you can move around you can

sing any song and you're not limited to

a karaoke book of outdated songs I'm

talking about magic sing but if you want

to sponsor me magic sing forget what I

said I'm gonna show you brands that I

use at home my dad helped set it up all

the equipment you would need a link in

the description for this setup I want

you to make sure that you have Wi-Fi at

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