How To Open A Padlock Without A Key

welcome to corporals corner today we're

gonna shim a padlock so stick around

in a previous video we talked about

agate home back in urban environment and

we mentioned that a 10 mile trek home

could easily become 20 to 30 miles

depending on the amount of obstacles

that you encountered along your way so I

thought why not talk about how to

negotiate or get around one of those

obstacles that you're guaranteed to come

across in an urban setting and match

your common ordinary household padlock

now this lock right here is actually a

double locking padlock on the shackle

we've got two indentations right here

and I'll show you that in a minute what

happens when you lock it there's a

locking mechanism inside it actually

engages inside both those indentations

so today what we're gonna do is we're

gonna go ahead and grab an ordinary

aluminum can and create two shims we're

to slide those shims down that shackle

we're gonna rotate it into that locking

mechanism causing the shackle to be

disengaged and pop over so grabbing the

aluminum can what we're gonna do is

we're gonna go ahead and cut the ends

off right here and here and they were

gonna cut it right down the middle and

from here all you want to do is you want

to go ahead and cut off some strips

about an inch and half to two inches in

width now we have our blank right here

what I want to do is I want to go ahead

and I want to cut an M shape in this so

do that and look for the flattest spot

and then go to the center

go up about halfway you want to try and

cut it a little bit rounded then do some

diagonal cuts and there's our M

from here I'm going to fold the top down

then it's bottom piece over the top

so it should resemble something like

this now what I do the lock in question

I'll go ahead and just bend it around so

I know it's got this general shape you

can also use a ballpoint pen or a pencil

and there's your first shim do this one

more time so you have a pair

there's the indentation on the shackle I

talked to you about and you can see the

other one right there that makes it a

double locking padlock and inside you

can see that small tab right there you

got one on this side as well and they're

spring-loaded that's the locking

mechanism so what happens

take your shim place it around the

shackle and you rotate it towards that

little tab right there for your locking

mechanism and once it becomes wedged it

will actually bypass that locking

mechanism and open your lock gonna start

off by taking our shim where I place the

face of the shim the outside of my


- the same thing to the opposite side

I'm going to slide it down by twisting

now what you want to do at this point is

you want to rotate that shim around -

the face is on the inside try and

dislodge that locking mechanism

he's actually think to the opposite side

and what you can do at this point

securing your Leatherman you can

actually grab onto the piece and

continue rotating it towards the inside

there you go

welcome back that was good to go

now I wanna make one thing abundantly

clear there's no ulterior motive at all

I have no criminal intent whatsoever for

filming this video if anything this

video can serve as an educational tool

to those who get a false sense of

security from trusting this piece of

crap right here now with that said just

like in the field when you practice

leaving no trace we don't want the same

mentality an urban setting

probably tenfold you want to get in get

out or get to where you need to be you

want to do that undetected they keep

your comments view support thanks for

watching be down the field have some fun

I'll catch you next time