Dark Souls How To: Find "F2 West Key" | Get back to "Undead Asylum" | Find the "Rusted Iron Ring"

at the beginning of Dark Souls there's a

door that you can't go in this is right

before the asylum demon boss so what you

want to do guys is when you get to

filing shrine head up the usual stairs

that you go to to get into the church

shortcut now if you take these stairs

you'll find the elevator once the

shortcut is activated heading to the

elevator as normal however is your

rising roll off like so you'll find

yourself on a Ledge that you thought

wasn't necessarily accessible again you

want to position yourself correctly run

and roll forward if done properly you'll

land on this ledge right here walk up

this set of stairs and again you will

find another opening as you can see on

the roof in front of us there's some

treasure so we're going to do position

roll pick up this treasure on dead

asylum f2 west key now do the same trick

again roll back on remembers goes to

time this very carefully as you can fall

but this time instead of jumping onto

the roof take these stairs and head all

the way up you'll then find a crow's

nest rest in this crow's nest and play

the waiting game eventually the crow

will pick you up and take you all the

way back to the undead asylum head back

to this door you can take the same route

lool out the first guy kill him what you

want to do is take this guy from behind

like so wait for him to get back up kill

him to finish the job remember to use

block and slash techniques you can then

use this key on that door so you want to

open that door head through all the way

through guys and you will eventually

find yourself stumbling upon a hidden

treasure pick up this item to get the

rusted iron ring now the rusted iron

ring goes is a brilliant thing to have

particularly if you start to be the

thief class and you have the master key

because in doing so you can get to

blight tone without taking the

treacherous sewer route as long as you

have the rusted iron ring

you can use it to lower yourself down on

the platforms and the rusted iron ring

will not under any circumstances let the

water Hin do you can run through swamps

and water as normal as long as you have

the rusted iron ring equipped therefore

this is a very very useful very powerful

ring and I recommend all of you to

follow this guide and definitely pick up

the rusted iron ring enjoy guys