what up my name is Nate and this is a GE

push-button lock box something that

realtors use I had found this at one of

my properties and it wasn't my box it

was another Realtors but I looked at

some videos on YouTube and they showed

how to open it I'll explain that real

quick so basically you need to find out

what buttons to press there are 10

buttons sometimes it's a two button code

now sometimes it's a four button code no

and you know that's how it works so it

doesn't have to be typed in any certain

order as long as you press the right

buttons then the box will open okay so

you need to type in those buttons again

I'll type them in in a different fashion

and the box still closes so what I do

here is and again I just saw this from

another video you just push on the top

here you just push it and then you go

through the buttons and you try to push

down on them and you have to kind of be

very sensitive with your finger here we

have to feel you have to feel and be

sure to reset if you need to if the feel

when it gives you give back so when I

push that on my zero it starts to push

back in this direction so I'll write the

zero down you know if you were doing it

you would write a zero down and then you

go to the next one you have to be sure

that you have something that can poke

down on it pretty hard and sometimes the

box feels like it's giving it but it's

not really the one so you have to be

very very like sure that you're pressing

the right button that it's not just the

box that's moving itself but be sure

that you know what you're pressing is

actually pushing against you so that you

can get the right numbers I would

definitely not recommend doing this just

because you see a lockbox on

house and you want to go check it out

you think it's vacant it's kind of

dangerous there could be other homeless

people living in there already or there

could be a tenant and if you just open

somebody's door while they're home they

have the right to shoot you and people

will do it so I only use this for

finding the code to this lockbox this

was not my lockbox

and I figured it out by doing this by

pushing down on the keys and really

pushing down on them for this box for

this GE lockbox so I noticed that when I

push down on certain keys it really

really gives back and again opening the

lockbox this is the other side of it so

once you open it you can change the

password to whatever you want so there's

a little instructions on how to do it up

it means off down so you'll notice that

these things are pointing down and up so

on means that's the password

so my password is one two four zero and

then my box box opens you can tell that

it's open when it doesn't get worked

right it doesn't go all the way down so

that was a GE push button lock box it

normally has this thing on it so you'll

see those dark grooves at the bottom and

it's usually that color but I decided to

take mine off so that it would look more

stylish thanks for tuning in

hope you had a good one use a pen

something firm press on it do a good job

be good that don't break into nobody's