Jump Bikes | The Essential Overview


the electric bike at scooter craze has

taken the nation by storm

tons of cities are getting on board but

for those of you stragglers who have yet

to experience just how quick and easy

one of these pays you go bike or scooter

services can be I'm here in Sacramento

where a company called jump has stolen

the show I know what you're thinking I

have to download it it probably costs

too much money and why would I bring a

bike but I could just walk or drive it's

true you probably do have to download

another app unless your area has jumped

sea jump is connected to Oberer and uber

lets you rent from the app you probably

already have here in Sacramento jump

bikes only cost 7 cents a minute

four dollars an hour but let's face it

these aren't very fun

you're never gonna ride for that long

scooters are a little pricier at fifteen

cents a minute and the minimum charge on

a ride is one dollar some cities charge

special fees as well so make sure

wherever you are you read the fine print

but it's still a bargain for a quick

haul across the city

the last holdup why pay to rent a bike

or scooter when you can just walk or

drive the answer parking fees metro

areas can cost an arm and a leg to park

with bike and scooter share you can park

for free and get to your destination for

a buck plus they're really fun jump

bikes are just like a regular bike but

with an electric assist so they'll go

just about as fast as you can pedal the

scooters are a different story they're

propelled entirely by an electric motor

and they top out at about 15 miles per

hour different areas have different

regulations though so check with the

company in your area before you take

those numbers as gospel biking scooter

share companies like bird lyft and uber

are popping up all over the country so

if they're in your area give them a try