Troubleshooting UCXT

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hi and welcome to this training video on

troubleshooting the ultra care xt bed

frame the objectives for this lesson are

to demonstrate ways for troubleshooting

the ultra care xt bed frame in order to

isolate the failure and ensure the

correct fix is made within this lesson

we will troubleshoot the control box

motors and staff control in addition we

will look at proper bracket installation

and other helpful tips that will make

your ultra care xt bed perform exactly

as it was designed to do what do you do

when a bed fails to articulate at one

single point the ultra care xt has four

motors that are all controlled within

the control box which is where our

troubleshooting will begin and end if a

motor fails to operate and then the

problem either stems from a bad motor or

faulty wiring within the control box so

to isolate the problem let's first trace

the line running from the motor to the

control box or simply look in the user's

manual which lists lines one through

four the control harness is green and

additional plugs that go into the

control box include the emergency

battery pack socket and the AC power we

will first test to see if the problem

stems from one of the motors or if the

problem is within the control box begin

by unplugging the bed and then remove

the cover on the control box this can

easily be done with a screwdriver next

let's test the circuit to see if it is

working to do this unplug one of the

motors that is working correctly and

place it in the outlet that is failing

to operate this process will help to

diagnose whether the motor is bad

or if the circuit within the control box

is what's causing the problem if the

motor fails when it is plugged into

another outlet well the problem is with

the motor but if it works then the motor

is good and the trouble stems from

within the control box you can test any

motor in either of the two high low port

but the high low motors they can only be

tested properly in the high low port to

replace the control box we will need to

disconnect all four motors the control

harness the battery cable and the AC

power cord to disconnect the battery

cable use a screwdriver to push down on

the red tab and pull out on the cord to

release the tabs to remove the auxiliary

battery cable simply pop the C clamp up

using a screwdriver and unplug the cable

then remove the C clip from the motor

and slide the control box off of the

motor now when it's time to reinstall

the control box simply slide it back on

the frame and secure it with the c-clip

begin by plugging in the battery cable

and secure it with the smaller c-clip

plug in the AC power cord and all four

motors in the control box if you need to

replace one of the high/low motors let's

first raise the bed to its highest

position if possible and unplug the

power cord from the wall outlet remove

the head and foot panels so that the

frame can be tipped on its side using

the needlenose pliers remove the rulings

and slide the clevis pins out of each

end of the actuator taking note of the

orientation of the pins as they must be


the same direction discard used rue

rings and clevis pins you will then need

to disconnect the cable running to the

control box when checking the staff

control first ensure that the staff

control panel has not been damaged if

nothing is visibly damaged then the

electronics running from the control box

they are going to need to be checked to

do this disconnect the wires running to

the staff control and simply swap that

panel with another panel in your

facility if the swamp staff control

works well then the problem is with the

circuit board which is going to need to

be replaced however if you swap the foot

panels and nothing works then you will

need to check the patch cord which runs

to the staff control and if that checks

out fine

then the only thing left is the control

box therefore that is what is going to

need to be replaced the foot and head

brackets they can be placed incorrectly

therefore let's review the correct steps

for placing both of these brackets first

lay the panel on a soft surface the head

panel bracket is the longer of the two

sizes then align the top two holes with

the bracket the bracket offset should

face up use the four screws to install

the brackets do not tighten until after

fitting the mounting brackets into the

bed sockets repeat the same process with

the foot bracket panels panels should

slip easily in and out of their sockets

another helpful tip to include might be

lubricating rivet points periodically or

if your point squeak well thank you all

for your time and if you have any