The Jitterbug Flip and Jitterbug Smart2 Are Simple Cell Phones for Seniors | GreatCall

my best friend Doris and I keep in touch

every day with our easy-to-use jitterbug

phones I'm a fan of the jitterbug flip

and Doris just loves her jitterbug smart

too today we're getting together for the

usual a friendly game of cards and some

great snacks it's been our favorite

get-together for years I love that Doris

and I can reach each other so easily

with our jitterbug phones which come

with unique features that are perfect

for us and they're affordable talk plans

are as low as $14.99 a month for the

jitterbug flip and plans with data are

as low as 1748 a month on a jitterbug

smart - and phones are powered by the

nation's largest and most dependable

wireless network so you always stay

connected Doris and I have become

jitterbug phone experts we use them

every day Doris tells me that the

jitterbug smart - simple menu makes it

very easy to use and with mobile

internet access Doris can check her

email or browse the web wherever she

goes she can also use maps and GPS for

directions and even get traffic updates

to her next destination as for me I just

wanted a simple cell phone and the

jitterbug flip was a perfect fit when

Doris gives me a call I can hear her

loud and clear with the jitterbug flips

powerful speaker and with a simple

yes-no menu it's a breeze to make calls

and text both the jitterbug smart too

and the jitterbug flip have the option

for great calls five-star urgent

response service in any uncertain or

unsafe situation simply press the 5-star

button and iae decertified agents will

confirm your location evaluate your

situation and get you the help you need

I'm so grateful that we still have this

much fun together after all these years

and thanks to our jitterbug phones I

know that wherever we are we're just a

simple call or text away from reaching

each other here's to many more years of


jitterbug flip and jitterbug smart -

exclusively from great call