Cell Phone for Seniors Review: Watch This Before Buying

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flip easy-to-use cell phone for seniors

review thoughtfully designed for no

hassle daily use the jitterbug flip

takes simplicity to the next level with

features like big buttons simple yes and

no navigation a backlit keypad and a

powerful speaker for clear conversations

a convenient built in camera makes it

easy to capture and share every special

moment and holds up to 1,000 plus photos

large screen and big buttons big buttons

and a large backlit keypad make using

the jitterbug easier than ever simple

menu yes no buttons make navigation

clear and effortless powerful speaker

hear every word and speak without having

to yell plus the jitterbug as m4t for

hearing aid compatible long lasting

battery stay charged throughout the day

so you won't have to worry about running

out of power reading magnifier with LED

flashlight in a dimly lit setting just

press the dedicated button on the side

of your phone to activate the flashlight

and with the reading magnifier it can

help you read papers and menus 5 star

button for emergency help 24/7 OneTouch

access connects you immediately to

health and safety experts built-in

camera with flash and easy to use camera

with flash makes taking and sending

photos more simple and fun than ever

what's in the box next generation easy

to use flip phone cradle charging dock

wall charger USB cable and user guide

basic package access to IAE D certified

five-star agents who will get you the

help you need in any emergency 24/7

preferred package adds unlimited access

to nurses and doctors and an

award-winning app that keeps your

friends and family updated on your

safety and well-being ultimate package

includes handset replacement if phone is

ever lost and stolen or broken and a

personal operator to assist you without

extra charges connect your way connect

the way you want talk and text plans or

health and safety packages award-winning

100% us-based customer service and


turn your phone into a personal safety

device with exclusive health and safety

services all jitterbug phones on the

great call network are for USA only

jitterbug phones our carrier phones for

the great call network