How to Activate Your Jitterbug Phone

hi this is Jeff Meyer and welcome back

to another one of our video series on

how to get the most out of your

jitterbug today we're going to talk

about how to activate the jitterbug and

there's basically three simple steps so

we're going to go through today the

first step is to simply charge up the

battery the next step is to take a look

at the different rate plans and decide

what rate plan and features are right

for you and then finally we're going to

give jitterbug a call and they'll take

care of the rest everything I'm going to

talk to you about today is included in

this guide here which comes with your

jitterbug phones called the activation

guide so let's get started okay let's

start with step 1 which is charging the

jitterbug I've taken out a brand new

jitterbug out of the box and I'm going

to go ahead and I put the battery in the

back already and I'm going to go ahead

and connect the wall charger into the

jitterbug and there you can see the

screen is going to tell you it's going

to come up with an icon to show you that

it's back charging step 2 in the

activation process is to select the plan

and features that you would like and to

do that I've pulled out the activation

guide which comes with the jitterbug

phone and I'm just going to flip over to

the pages would talk about the rate plan

so you can see that if you have

questions about which rate plan or which

features you'd like you're always

welcome to give us a call but there's a

table there and it simply lays it out

very nicely and easily how much the rate

plans are you know the course it depends

on how many minutes that you select and

there's a there are several features

that you may want to add to the phone as

well for example voicemail that would be

optional but it's all contained here in

the guide and it's well worth it just

taking a few minutes to go through that

the final step in the activation process

is simply to turn the phone on

when you first turn on the Jitterbug

phone you'll see that this is a screen

you'll see it'll ask if you want to talk

with a jitterbug expert to get started

so I'm going to do is I press the yes

button on the keypad and it will

automatically call the jitterbug Help

Center and they're available 24 hours a

day seven days a week to help you get

the phone activated and they'll

basically do these things they'll get

your new telephone number set up for you

they'll get your billing preferences set

up the way you'd like and then finally

they'll talk to you again about the

different rate plans and features and

look at that setup exactly the way that

you like it the entire telephone call

takes about ten or fifteen minutes it's

very simple very straightforward and

after that just simply leave the

jitterbug phone on and set it down and

it'll usually take about ten or fifteen

minutes and they'll send a signal to the

phone and the phone will come on and

we'll say that it'll give you the

welcome sign it'll say that's been

activated and that's it those are the

three steps to getting the jitterbug

phone activated thanks for joining us

today we'll see you soon